Reduce e-waste by recycling old electronics

by Vernon E. Mitchel 07/01/2024

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It's no secret that we rely on electronics daily to ease some of life's stressors and provide entertainment.

To keep up with consumer demand, companies produce new products at a faster rate, and these items are in turn purchased quickly. As time goes on, it’s easy to have old electronics pile up in the home. This is why it’s essential to recycle unwanted electronics to cut down on e-waste.

What is electronics recycling?

Electronic waste can contain harmful chemicals and materials such as mercury and lead - these devices can’t be thrown away without precaution as the materials in them can contribute to pollution. 

Therefore, it's essential to hand over old devices to electronic recycling facilities so they can safely dispose of harmful materials and harvest helpful materials to be used again.  

Electronics donation & recycling electronics

Many nonprofit organizations offer the opportunity to either recycle or donate your electronics. Many donations are redistributed so members of the community can make use of them. This may include libraries, community centers and sometimes directly to households in need. 

Some organizations use old electronics to train students on how to build and repair devices so not only are you preventing e-waste, you’re aiding in the education of others.

Even though electronics are fun and getting an upgrade can be exciting, it’s crucial we all do our part and dispose of these devices in the right way when they are no longer of use. 

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